An India and China ‘War’ is Raging in Comments Section of Global Times


Global Times, China’s English daily, has put out aggressive and sometimes offensive commentary on the border standoff with India at Doklam trijunction. Beyond the diplomatic arguments, a war or words is raging in the comment section of the stories where India has been criticized with tens of users, with seemingly Indian names, hitting out at Beijing.

Sample an article titled ‘Military conflicts to escalate if India refuses to withdraw troops’, which invited sharp reactions from seemingly Indian users. “Global Times does not have the guts to even post comments without sensoring,” wrote one Harish Kumar.

“China shame on you. Every day you are eating land of other countries still you are hungry. Your hunger will end up with war but India is ready this time and your PLA is a Paper Tiger India army… Just cross the border your grave is waiting on the other side,” wrote one Abhishek Thakur.

Such comments have led to some users with Chinese names reacting equally boorishly. When one user named ‘Sharma Ji’ wrote a response to the opinion piece titled ‘Time for a second lesson for forgetful India’, “The most rubbish article on a dispute.

Only idiots can have this kind of thinking and only Global Times can publish such a bullsh*t article.” He soon got a reply from a ‘Chinese’ user named ‘SH’: “India’s argument or excuse for its mistake is far more rubbish and pathetic, lol.”

Another ‘Indian’ user dared Beijing to ‘start the war’. “If I continue to read Global Times for another one month, I will surely be in mental hospital. It would be better if you people please, I request you, start the WAR. Every Indian wants to see good fireworks over Himalaya. Teach a lesson at once. So that you people go along with us to mass grave.”

Not all are, however, baying for war. Some argued that India and China should forget their differences and form an all-powerful Asian bloc. “India-China have many common thoughts and values among their people. The unity of India-China force can show tremendous power to the world,” wrote one Viresh Janani.

The piece which drew the sharpest, most vitriolic responses was an opinion piece titled ‘Hindu nationalism risks pushing India into war with China’. The comments ranged from reminding China that they don’t live in 1962 anymore, to calling the Chinese media “cowards”. Defending India, one user said, “Muslims are… safer in India than in your China or in Pakistan. In your China… no one has Freedom. Very pathetic and look who is talking about India.”

Hitting back, a ‘Chinese’ users said, “You are wrong — China is helping its Xinjiang Muslims to come out of their insular shells and become one with the nation by restricting the pagan practices being followed.”