Indian democracy a celebration of our age-old plurality: PM Modi


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday called India’s democracy “a celebration of our age old plurality,” recalling that “religions and beliefs from all over the world” originated in the country.

“Religions and beliefs from all over the world originated in India. Be it Lord Buddha 2,500 years ago, or Mahatma Gandhi in the last century. The message of peace and harmony spread to the entire world from India,” PM Modi said at a conference on ‘Islamic Heritage: Promoting Understanding and Moderation’.
“We Indians are proud of our diversity.”

He added that “no religion teaches us to be intolerant and violent.”

The PM exalted the “joint tradition of ancient India’s beliefs and the love and humanity of the Sufis that gave the message of mankind’s unity.”

He also emphasised that India aims to “take everybody forward together. Because the fate of the nation is tied to the progress of its cities. The prosperity of the country depends on every person.”

“India considered the entire world its family and built its identity with it,” said PM Modi, in the presence of King Abdullah II of Jordan.

In his address, Modi appreciated the king’s work toward de-radicalisation.

“Those who unleash cruelty upon humanity perhaps don’t understand that they harm the very religion they proclaim they stand for,” he stressed.