Indians to get petrol at shocking price?


petrolPrices of crude oil is shooting stars with each passing day and people across the world using two and four wheelers are feeling the pain as it is punching holes to their pockets.

According to the latest a surprise prediction came on crude oil prices. If the predictions come true then petrol prices will come down as low as Rs 30/litre soon.

Standard Charted which comes with yearly predictions came with its laters prediction. The company which predicted crude oil prices to come down from $54 to $ 10 per barrel in 2015 now came with similar predictions for 2016.

According to it crude oil prices are expected to come down to $ 20 and added that it will not touch over $ 63 per barrel. At present oil prices are around $ 46 in Indian market and average pertol price per litier is Rs 68.45 in Hydearabd and if crude oil price comes down to $ 20 as predicted then price will comedown to Rs 30/litre. It has to be seen if Government will allo w this to happen as always manytimes Government increased other taxes so that the benefits donot reach the common man.