Indore Police thrash ‘couples’ sitting in park: Caught on Camera


Lady-Constables-slapping-coIndore: If you think we are a civilized nation then these pictures are enough to prove you wrong. This is our police—barbaric, inhuman and autocratic. Our police personnel are above law—they can beat anyone and still not be accountable for their misdeeds. If they find anyone flouting any law or norm, they are supposed to follow the due process of law. But insulting young boys and girls so brazenly can’t be allowed.

Indore police knows nothing will happen to them even if they openly flout the rule of the land.

Lady Constables kept slapping girls despite knowing that they were being filmed.

This happened at Indore Regional Park on Thursday evening when lady constables roughed up some couples. When this news spread, relatives of the victims also reached the spot. They questioned police action.

“We were doing nothing wrong, and to sit in a public place is not a crime in India,” said one of the victims.

Late in the evening, Police let everyone go home without taking any action against them.

Since, the woman constable is caught on camera, will she be reprimanded?

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