In Iran a huge earthquake 207 people dead, More than 1700 people have been injured


iran-earth-quakeBaghdad: A major earthquake hit the Iran-Iraq border on Sunday night. A total of 207 people were killed in the natural disaster that registered 7.3 on the Richter scale. Another 1700 people were seriously injured. The death toll is likely to rise further.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located 31 miles east of the city of Halabza in eastern Iraq. There have been huge losses in Iran in 14 provinces. Assistance in the earthquake affected areas continues to be intense. People who run out of their homes with earthquakes are living on roads.

Power outage

Electricity has been suspended in Iran-Iraq cities. On the other side of the ocean floor, In the streets and in parks.

This is a seriously damaged area

The Kermanash Region in Iran suffered heavy losses due to the earthquake. Only 97 people were killed in Kermanas for earthquake. The main hospital in the town also collapses when the victims are suffering from treatment. It was difficult for the security personnel to locate the victims after the earthquake at night. The crew is trying to locate them with the help of helicopters and move them to safe places. “My Canadian people are deeply sympathetic to the victims of the earthquake.” – Prime Minister Nestor Trudo.