IT Raids On AP Ministers?


The TDP ranks, especially the MLAs and ministers are worried. They are in fact spending sleepless nights. The reason? Fear of raids. Especially after the raids on Revanth Reddy and the possible repercussions on Chandrababu Naidu in the Note for Vote scam, the TDP leaders are worried. There are reports that prime minister Narendra Modi is very serious about the massive and unbridled corruption by the TDP leaders. He reportedly warned Chandrababu several times in the past about corruption and its possible effect on the BJP if it remains an ally of the TDP.  But, with Chandrababu not changing his ways, Modi appears determined to order raids.

A strong buzz in the TDP circles is that Chandrababu has recently warned some key ministers that they should set things right quickly as there could be raids on their offices and residences.  He reportedly told them that now that the alliance is broken, Modi might target the TDP Government and the  financial dealings of its ministers. Babu reportedly told them that this would be done for political mileage for the BJP and for discrediting the TDP. Putting them on a high alert, he said that the Cash for Vote scam was being raked up now as part f the same plan.

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