Jabbar Travels Volvo Bus Details


jabbar-travels-bus-volvoHyderabad: The following are the details of the Jabbar Travels Volvo Bus which started at Bangalore and met with an accident in Mahboobnagar district today.

  • Total bus capacity( as per Norms) : 44 +( 2 drivers)
  • Total passengers Travelling in the Bus: 51
  • Total passengers died in the accident: 44
  • Total passengers rescued : 5 (driver and Cleaner)
  • Online Booking : 33 passengers ; 11 names are yet to be reported.
  • Bus Registered under JC Umareddy Tadipatri’s name
  • Previous Owner of Jabbar Travels: JC Diwakar Reddy’s Brother JC Prabhakar Reddy. In 2010 the transfer took place. The vehicle is reported to be fit till October 2012.
  • Jabbar Travels Bangalore office Phone Number: 080-26700156/330
  • Jabbar Travels incharge in Bangalore: Raheem
  • Jabbar Travels Bus Number: AP02 TA 0963 (AP registration)
  • Spot Postmortem carried out by Osmania and Gandhi Hospital team