Kamal Says Amma Targeted Him


Kamal-HaasanOne should have guts to speak his mind openly.  Celebrities will be living under so many restrictions..situations will not permit them to talk openly.  They will speak diplomatically on the public platforms. If any celebrity talks openly, they will create sensation and grab the news headlines.  Popular actor Kamal Haasan maintained a low profile in the past but he has turned aggressive for the past few months.

If we speak frankly, Kamal Haasan’s behavior was different before the death of Jayalalithaa.. but it has been changed after her death. He is openly expressing his opinions on various issues, unlike the past.  He has made sensation comments in a recent interview.

He said that, when Jayalalithaa was CM, she targeted him and his film career.  He gave the example of ‘Vishwaroopam’ that he didn’t insult a particular religion and they themselves have agreed that.  But the dramatic incidents took place during the release is the result of the ruling party.  He said he was vexed with the behavior of the government.He gave a statement during that time that he will leave the state and country.  His statement doesn’t mean going to abroad to settle down there.  What he meant was to settle down in some other place where he has creative freedom. He said that he is not feeling bad about his statements.. the rulers should feel sad for forcing him to issue such statements.

He said that he is speaking his mind and he is not criticising others with a purpose.  He is sharing his feelings with the people.  As a citizen, he has every right to criticise and he doesn’t care about what others think.

He clarified that he will not hesitate to criticise even Rajinikanth if he floats a political party. He said that Tamil Nadu people are looking for experts rather than the people with leadership qualities.  He said some people are criticising him for lack of basic academic qualification.. but he reminded that Kamaraja Nadar didn’t have any academic qualification.. but he achieved recognition as an able leader.  He said Sivaji Ganesan.. MG Ramachandran didn’t have higher academic qualifications but they became specialists in their chosen field. He felt sad that there are no such leaders now.

He said that he is traveling in right path as an actor and producer.  He said that he is paying income tax regularly.  He said his family talks about all the issues.   With his latest interview, Kamal Haasan tried to address the criticism about his qualification etc.  On the whole, his interview has created a sensation in Tamil Nadu now.