Kamal Wants Rajinikanth In Politics


Rajinikanth-and-kamal-HaasaPolitical entry of superstar Rajinikanth is a topic, that always finds a place in political news of Tami Nadu. Yet again, his entry of politics has garnered attention, but this time is is because of Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan.

Kamal Haasan during an event, when the topic is of politics, mentioned the name of his long time friend and superstar Rajinikanth and wants him to enter politics. Saying that good people should come to politics, Kamal Haasan asked Rajinikanth to make a political entry.

Rajinikanth never wanted to be in politics, but supported few leaders during elections years back. The superstar strongly believes in spirituality and he does his service and good deeds through several ways. Now with Kamal Haasan giving a call to Rajinikanth about political entry, we have to see what Superstar has in mind lately.