Kannada scholar MM Kalburgi’s murderer dead?


MM-KalburgiIn a sensational twist to the mystery surrounding Kannada scholar MM Kalburgi’s death, Karnataka police have found an unidentified dead body whnich closely resembles one of the suspect in this incident.

According to reports, the body has been found in Belagavi district in North Karnataka.  The body has been reportedly found on October 18 in Khanapur district.

An unused bullet was also found near the spot. The matter was only brought to the notice of higher authorities recently. So far no one has claimed the dead body. Police is reacting cautiously in the entire matter. Earlier police had released sketch of two suspects. Rationalist Sahitya Akademi award winner  MM Kalburgi was shot dead on August 30th at his residence by unknown assailants, leading to huge outrage.