Karnataka Election Schedule: Modi Future?


BENGALORE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been determined to spread BJP wings to South India. BJP doesn’t hold power in any of the Southern States, though its dominating in the north-east region. The National Party was crushed by the Left Party in Kerala. Tamilians developed hatred towards the Saffron Party due to the political games post Jayalalithaa’s demise. In AP and Telangana, It managed minimal representation in the Assembly. So, Modi sees the upcoming Karnataka Assembly Polls as an opportunity to make a difference.

Election Commission locked the date to unveil the Karnataka Poll Schedule. The election schedule is likely to be released in April 2nd week, after the end of School Examinations.

May 28th is the last date for Karnataka Assembly. EC will conduct election for 224-member Assembly before that deadline.

Anti-incumbency faced by Ruling Congress could work in favour of BJP. At the same time, The impact of Upendra’s newly floated party can’t be ruled out.