Kejriwal hits out at BJP for attack on Somnath


Varanasi: A day after an attackattack-on-Somnath-Bharti Mr Bharti was attacked after he left the venue of a TV show that featured him. The windows of his car were smashed and the driver was allegedly assaulted.

“The BJP has brought in a culture of violence in Varanasi. Is this the Gujarat model?” said Mr Kejriwal today, targeting Narendra Modi, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, whose campaign has been centred around governance in Gujarat.

Prashant Bhushan will meet with the Election Commission today to speak about the election in Benaras. This culture will not lead to a free and fair election in Benaras.”

Mr Kejriwal is running for Parliament from Varanasi against Mr Modi, who will file his nomination papers later today.

On Wednesday, Mr Bharti also blamed Mr Modi, saying, “”Has Modiji begun ‘khooni khel’ (bloody game) even before filing his nomination? Someone who is the messiah of ‘khooni khel’, ‘khooni rajneeti’ (bloody politics)… so has this happened just a day before the filing of nomination?”

The 39-year-old was the Law Minister when Mr Kejriwal served as the Chief Minister of Delhi for just 49 days earlier this year.

Mr Bharti triggered a huge controversy and accusations of serious human rights violations after he led a mob in a south Delhi neighbourhood which allegedly harassed and illegally detained a group of African women on suspicion they were part of a prostitution and drugs racket.

The women filed a police case against him. Mr Bharti admitted that the “midnight raid” took place in January, but said there was no ill-treatment of the women.

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