Kejriwal seeks more time to vacate official residence


Arvind-KejriwalNew Delhi: Former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has sought an extension to stay at his Tilak Lane residence till his daughter’s examination gets over by May.

Public Works Department of the Delhi government had sent a letter to Kejriwal asking him to vacate the house with immediate effect as he had already crossed the 15 days deadline till which a minister can stay in his official residence after demitting the office, sources said.

Kejriwal had resigned from the chief minister’s post on February 14 and ideally should have vacated the house by March 1.

The PWD sent the letter to Kejriwal after the Urban Development Ministry had sent a notice to the Delhi government to return C-II/23 flat at Tilak Lane, which had been allotted to Kejriwal while he was in office.

The PWD had not issued a notice to Kejriwal till March 8, more than a week after the expiry of 15 day grace period, probably fearing that if the same government comes to power, it may create trouble for the concerned officials.

After 15 days, ministers can choose to stay in the official residence for a maximum of six months, but are required to pay rent much higher than market rates.

In this case where Kejriwal wishes to extend his stay at the present location, he may have to pay 65 times more, which amounts to Rs 2.58 lakh per month.