Kingfisher epmloyees letter to Yuvraj Singh


2014-02-14_452_Home_KINGFISHER_AIRLINES-500x3451Employees from Kingfisher Airlines sent an open letter to the sixer king Yuvraj Singh just after he was bought for a whooping 14 crores by the Royal Challengers Bangalore. The letter is with Headlines Today and it goes this way-

– Dear Mr. Yuvraj, we all the Kingfisher Airlines employees are your fan and not only us but full nation prayed for your speedy recovery from the critical illness and we are happy that you are not only maintaining your form but also progressing in career.

– Mr. Vijay Mallya  has purchased you for 14 crores …we have not been paid by the Kingfisher Airlines for the last 18 months.

– We have not only exhausted all our savings but also we are under the burden of huge debts which we have taken from our relatives/banks by mortgaging our property/gold.

– The case is worse for lower staff those who are forced to stay in slums as destitute. Mr. Mallya says that he does not have money to pay us whereas he is spending crores in IPL/Formula 1/Kingfisher Calendars.

– It’s now up to you to decide whether to turn a deaf ear to us and work for such a cruel/inhuman person and to invite negativity to your life or to refuse his employment on moral grounds.

Let’s see how this elegant south paw handles this scenario. Everyone is eager to know that will he go with the price or will he refuse the money on moral grounds.