Kiran kumar Reddy meets his Old Friends in KBR park


kiran-reddy-morning-walkHyderabad: Giving up power seems to have suited former chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, who after a long time, went for a morning walk with his old friends.

The former CM arrived in a car along with two security personnel around 6 am at KBR park. He was greeted by his old friends who reached the park early. This is the first time he went to morning walk after he resigned from the CM post.

According to reports, Kiran spent an hour walking several rounds in the park. He also discussed about his future political plans with his friends.

He is said to have remarked that it was a sweet home coming for him, as he enjoyed spending time with his friends and promised to make it a habit. He told his friends that after a long time he went out to the public, and promised to do it again.