Lakshmi Manchu Support is For Modi


lakshmi-manchu-narendra-modiWith elections just round the corner, our stars aren’t shying away from declaring which political party they are in support of, or so it seems. And actress Lakshmi Manchu is definitely not among those who do not believe in speaking their mind out.

The actress who is known to have a weakness for Narendra Modi, what with her paying a visit to the politician when he was in town a few months back, has now openly declared that in her opinion, Narendra Modi, who is racing to become the next PM, is the “only hope for India”.

“Daydreaming…@narendramodi makes india a model country. It is soooo beautiful. Our only hope for india. Modi Modi Modi!!!!” (sic) posted Lakshmi on her micro blogging site. Well, we wonder if she is “daydreaming” that NaMo is going to be making India “a model country”, or she actually believes he is going to!