Lata Mangeshkar would change her view on Modi after knowing reality: Congress


congressMUMBAI: Maharashtra Congress on Saturday said that legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar would reconsider her endorsement of Narendra Modi for the Prime Minister’s post after knowing the reality.

Yesterday, at a function in Pune where BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Modi inaugurated a hospital named after Lata’s late father Deenanath Mangeshkar, the singer said she wanted to see him become the Prime Minister.

Stating that every person is entitled to express his or her views in a democracy, MPCC spokesperson Sachin Sawant said in a statement here that “after understanding the reality of Modi’s so-called development record and his fraudulent secularism, she would certainly rethink whether a man who is perpetually telling lies should become the Prime Minister”.

“Modi and company, through their professional and deluding propaganda machinery, have misled her,” Sawant added.

“We will soon send her information on his bogus development, his economic policies which deprive the poor of benefits of developmental schemes, and insensitivity towards issues of national interest,” Sawant said.

It would help Mangeshkar change her view, he said. Sawant also said that Congress did not believe that the singer, who sung the iconic ‘Ai Mere Watan Ke Logo’ and whose voice had come to symbolise the national harmony, supported RSS’s and Modi’s ideology as it was against the national unity.