Legal: Live-in Relationship With Man Under 21!


The Supreme Court passed a crucial ruling related to the live-in relationships during the hearing of a case.

Thushara, a 20-Year-Old Girl, married Nandakumar who is also in the same age group. Father of the Girl moved the High Court saying the marriage can’t be approved citing the boy’s underage (legal age for a man to get married). High Court agreed with the argument and sent back the girl to her Father as Nandakumar wasn’t 21 when he tied the nuptial knot in April 2017. The verdict was challenged in the Supreme Court.

The Apex Court ruled that Thushara, who is 20-Year-Old, have every right to decide with whom she wanted to live with. Justices AK Sikri and Ashok Bhushan maintained adult couple have the right to live together even if they aren’t married.

This judgement came as a huge relief for Young Couples who are in a live-in relationship or those who got married against the consent of their parents.