Liquor shops to remain closed in Cyberabad from Today


liquor-shopHyderabad: CV Anand, the Police Commissioner of Cyberabad, said that in view of the Phase-I Elections in Telangana on April 30, all liquor shops, bar & restaurants and shops of palm juices would remain closed from 6 p.m. on Monday (April 28) to 6 p.m. on April 30. Also several other restrictions have been imposed from 6 p.m. on Sunday (Apr 27) to 6 p.m. on May 7 in the jurisdiction of Cyberabad.

He said that in view of the elections and in order to ensure that the electorates should not be allured in the polls, these orders have been issued. He warned all those who involve in criminal activities during these days of dire consequences. Further, he said that the restrictions imposed are equally applicable to wines, bars, bar and restaurants, military canteens, bars of star hotel, pubs and resorts. Anand said that a severe action will be initiated against all those who violate the restrictions, in accordance with the Election Commission rules.

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