LK Advani to be next President of India?


Narendra-Modi-greets-LK-AdvPranab Mukherjee’s term as President of India is going to end in July 2017. NDA Government has sent clear indication that it doesn’t have plans to continue this Congress Trouble-Shooter in Office for the 2nd Term.

Generally, Those Leaders who’s term as President ended will stay at 10 Rajaji Marg belonging to Raisina Hills in Delhi. Centre has allotted the same accommodation for Pranab Mukherjee. Currently, Union Minister Mahesh Sharma is staying at this bungalow.

Reportedly, BJP Leadership is mulling to make LK Advani the next President of India. All of its alliance partners have given their consent to the proposal.

Narendra Modi drew criticism for sidelining LK Advani citing ‘Above 75’ rule. He might put an end to criticism by making the Veteran Leader the next President.