Lok Sabha election notification shortly


election-commision-of-indiaHyderabad: The Election Commission of India has been planning to hold the 2014 general elections in the third week of April. By now, the electorate list has been finalized in all the states of India. After February 24, at anytime the election schedule may be released. Due to the existing procedural norms that there should be a gap of 45 days between the date of election schedule and the date of polls, the elections will be likely anytime after April 15.

April month turns to be very crucial period for most of the examinations. So, there is a need to cater for the situation, accordingly. The election commission has obtained the time table for all the examinations from almost all the states. As far as Andhra Pradesh is concerned, the examinations of Intermediate will begin on March 12 and conclude on March 29. Similarly, S.S.C examinations will be held from March 27 and conclude on April 15. Based on the schedule of these examinations, the poll dates will be decided in Andhra Pradesh.  However, the national level examinations and University examinations have to follow a different schedule based on the poll dates.

It is most likely that the polls in Andhra Pradesh will be held in the 3rd week of April. The polls will be held in either two or three spells. In the first spell the elections will be conducted in Telangana region. Rayalaseema and Andhra will follow second and third spells, respectively. It is also likely that the polls may be concluded in only two spells.