Lover turns police inspector to marry girl friend, arrested in Hyd


lover-as-Police-officerHyderabad: In a classic example of real life imitating reel life, a smitten boyfriend on the demand of his girlfriend, decided to change his profession, but to disastrous outcomes.

According to reports, Srikanth, an employee with government hospital wanted to marry his girlfriend, but the latter refused his proposal and said she will only marry a police inspector.

In a bid to make her happy and win her heart, Srikanth donned the clothes of an inspector, borrowed a Bullet and rode to his girlfriend. On seeing him, the girlfriend was thrilled but her happiness was short lived.

Unfortunately for the couple, actual police were also in the vicinity. When they saw Srikanth, they approached him and on realising that he was a fake inspector arrested him.

When questioned, Srikanth blurted everything to police, in front of his girlfriend. The police have shifted him to S R Nagar Police Station, and a cheating case might be registered against him