Mahaa Murthy Resigns: Hits Back At PK Fans!


Mahaa News Channel telecasted a story projecting it as a sting operation on Pawan Kalyan’s secret meeting with influential people in the Kapu Community. Since then, The Channel’s Editor-in-Chief Murthy was severely trolled by Jana Sena Activists on Social Media. PK Fans accused Murthy of being sold out and absconding from media. They had even questioned how could it be projected as a secret meeting if invitations were given to the guests to assemble at a star hotel.

Finally, Mahaa Murthy broke his silence after 4 days to inform that he resigned to his post after receiving the backlash. The Journo, however, clarified he isn’t someone who would show his back getting scared of anything or anyone.

Murthy is still firm on his stand that Jana Sena Meeting at Kakatiya Hotel is indeed a ‘secret meeting’. He questions why Media wasn’t invited, Photos were released and even 99TV didn’t telecast it if it’s not a secret meeting.

The Journalist explained that he wasn’t able to telecast the complete story and had to stop it abruptly because of the orders from Mahaa Management. He claimed to have attended Jana Sena secret meeting in disguise.

Murthy told PK Fans showered praises on him when he settled the dispute between them and Kathi Mahesh. He asked, ‘Will I become a demon for questioning PK on behalf of public?’.

Two Points raised by Murthy: 1) Why PK preferred to meet Bigwigs in Kapu Community alone when he claims to be against Caste Politics? 2) Why huge amount of cash was collected from the Invitees?

Murthy told he would have telecasted entire footage of the meeting had if he is against PK or Jana Sena. ‘My intention wasn’t to defame Jana Senani? I am just questioning the party which was formed to question. I am neither corrupt nor have any vested interests. I will keep questioning on behalf of the public,’ he maintained.