Mahasen cyclone alert in Andhra pradesh


Mahasen-cyclone-alert-in-apTropical cyclone Mahasen in the southeast Bay of Bengal may shift in the next 24 hours and head towards Bangladesh in a north-northeast direction. It might make a landing at Chittagong after the next 72 hours. Its effects may be felt the most in the northeastern states of India that might receive heavy to very heavy rain after the next three days.

Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh will be very hot and humid in the coming two days due to the cyclonic system. Similar weather could prevail in Kolkata when the weather system approaches the Bangladesh coast.

Cyclone Mahasen is at its western most limit from where it will head north in the next 12 hours. It will re-curve and head towards Chittagong in Bangladesh some 1,330 km away in a northeast direction. Mahasen’s speed is around 80 kmph, which could slow down when it re-curves. It will subsequently gain speed and could have a speed of around 100-110 kmph when it makes landfall.

Along with Bangladesh, Myanmar will be on high alert as floods could be witnessed up to 40km inland. However, there is a possibility of the storm weakening if it loses most of its energy in the sea itself.

For the next 24 to 48 hours, the weather in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh will be uncomfortable as rain bearing clouds will trap the heat and increase both the temperature and relative humidity. Coastal areas will have moderate winds yet fishermen are being advised not to venture into the deep seas during the next two to three days.

The greenhouse effect will also play out in Kolkata, much closer to the weather system. Moderate rain is expected in coastal areas of Orissa and West Bengal and Kolkata after the next 48 hours.

The effects of the cyclone will be felt the most in the northeast. Rain will continue at many places in northeastern states during the next two to three days. Heavy to very heavy rain could occur at one or two places in the region during the period.

Coastal AP control rooms to face Mahasen cyclone: