Major fire broke out near Tirumala Forest


major-fireTirumala: A major fire which broke out on Wednesday afternoon near Mangalam, is slowly spreading towards Tirumala hills, as the forest and fire officials are yet to bring the fire under control.

As per reports, close to 200 fire personnel have been pressed into action, and several have already been injured. Reportedly, the firefighters are finding it difficult to battle the fire out, due to shortage of fire tenders.

The height of fire, is close to 30 to 40 feet. The officials fear that due to fire, many wild animals may soon run onto the roads, and have issued a warning to those wanting to travel on those roads.

Reports also indicate that thousands of acres of forest, including Sandalwood trees have been destroyed in the fire.

The fire was almost brought under control on Tuesday near Kakulakonda, however it has continued to spread and is now fast reaching Tirumala. The fire officials have said that the fire can only be stopped with the help of helicopters.