This Man is the Oldest Human in the History


An Indonesian Man claims to be the oldest human in the history after celebrating his 146th birthday.

Saparman Sodimejoa, who is popular as Mbah Gotho, produces an Indonesian ID Card which confirms his Date-of-Birth (December 31st, 1870). This year, He celebrated his birthday with grandchildren and great-grant children in the Seragaen district of Central Java.

This 146-Year-Old’s 10 siblings & 4 wives had passed away long back. His last wife died in the year 1988. Even all of his children passed away.

Surprisingly, Mr. Saparman is still able to walk even at that age. Family Members say he doesn’t restrict himself from eating anything and has never faced any health issues.

As per records, French woman Jeanne Calment (122) is the oldest human. If verified, Saparman Sodimejoa could claim the title.oldest-human-in-the-history