Mayawati supports the formation of small states


Mayawati-supports-TNew Delhi: BSP supremo Mayawati today blamed the UPA government for the non-functioning of Parliament over Telangana issue.

“Whether it is Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha not functioning, it is due to the UPA government and the Centre should be blamed for it. Government is fully responsible for it. Both Houses are being disrupted due to Telangana issue,” BSP leader Mayawati told reporters outside Parliament.

However, she said her party supports creation of Telangana.”Our party supports the formation of small states as it helps in better administration and development. There should be a separate state and we support it,” she said.

Asked about the important bills pending in Parliament, she said, “If the government was so serious about these Bills then why did it not bring them during the last five years.””Government is fully responsible for non-functioning of the House,” she maintained.