Minor Tremors in AP Capital area


tremorAt a time when state government is planning for inaugural Pooja of AP capital here comes some sort of bad news. Mild tremors were felt in the proposed capital area. As per reports some tremors were observed at certain pockets of Shavalyapuram Mandal in Guntur on Monday afternoon. The proposed Capital of Andhra Pradesh Amaravathi will be based in the tremor-hit areas.

Meanwhile some officials have already alerted the AP government about the tremor-prone area. They mentioned that AP government has to take preventive measures and construct quake-proof buildings in the area.

The proposed capital area falls in a vulnerable zone for earthquakes and the Sivaramakrishnan Committee also recommended to the state government to enforce building standards . Scientists say that as the region is a seismically active zone, it is not wise to construct high-rise buildings in the new capital region.