Missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft was hijacked: Report


missing-Malaysian-planeKaulalampur: As the search operation entered its second week, the investigators continue to be baffled about the fate of the missing aircraft and what might have happened to it. Recent investigations have revealed that the aircraft may have been flying for hours before it ran out of fuel. While the last known contact by the plane was over South China Sea, reports state that the missing aircraft may have sent signals to satellites hours after it lost contact with the radar.

It is being speculated that the plane might have travelled in the northwest direction from where it turned towards south and flew over the Indian Ocean. The plane may have flown over around 1,600 km after losing contact, the reports stated.

The missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 carrying 239 people might have been hijacked, the Malaysian authorities said on Saturday. The Malaysian authorities investigating the case concluded that the aircraft was hijacked and then steered off-course, however, it is yet not clear as to where the plane has been taken.