Mohan Babu shocked with the incident


Mohan-BabuUnion Minister Smriti Irani found a hidden camera pointing at the changing room she used at FabIndia’s outlet in Goa yesterday and the incident has shocked everyone. There have been demands that the culprits should be punished severely so that such incidents will not happen again.

Dr.M.Mohan Babu took to his twitter handle and wrote :

“Read about the incident in Goa store involving Ms. Smriti Irani. Shocked. The culprits should understand that even their mother is a lady & How would he feel if someone did the same to his mother or sister or wife or daughter? As a society we should stand up and root out such Criminals who don’t belong to live free. Women should be empowered and it is a collective responsibility of everyone to see that is achieved” (sic)