Mother beating 12-yr-old daughter with belt for posing semi-nude on Facebook goes viral


A mother beating her 12-year-old daughter in Trinidad and Tobago has gone viral. The video shows the woman, Helen Bartlett, beating her daughter with a belt for posting semi-nude pictures on Facebook.

The video has been shared by around 43,000 people online. The video was posted last Sunday on Facebook and since then it has become a matter of debate by some supporting the mother and some calling it child abuse.

According to the Trinidad Express, the woman in an interview to a local radio sation revealed that she was trying to teach her daughter a lesson and wants her to know that this was an inappropriate behaviour.

Bartlett also said felt that her daughter had been going out of their way after their father left them.

Ms Bartlett has three daughters and a son. The video was posted by the mother online but she didn’t realise that it will turn into a heated debate.

The woman also said that she was ready to go to jail for teaching her daughter a lesson.

According to Mail Online, the mother revealed the reason for beating her daughter. She said that after reading a text message from a boy to her daughter who was trying to convince her to have sex, she lost her cool and decided to beat her.

She then checked her Facebook prfile and discovered that her daughter had posted some pics in an underwear.

Ms Bartlet also said that she does not want her daughter to becoem pregnant or be misused.

The mother also felt that because her husband has left them adds to the tension of raising kids all alone and keeping them away from such things.

‘I stand firmly by my decision. I will go to jail for it,’ the woman was quoted by Mail Online.

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