MP survey brings cheer to BJP


The November-December polls are proving to be a tough task for the ruling BJP. In two of the five states that are going to the polls, the BJP has been in power for 15 years each. In Rajasthan it is in power for the past five years and is facing severe anti-incumbency. Mizoram is too small to be taken into account and the BJP doesn’t have too many stakes in Telangana.

With surveys predicting doom for the BJP, there is despondency in the party camp. But, amid all this negativity, here’s something to cheer for the BJP. India TV-CNX survey has predicted a BJP victory in Madhya Pradesh. It said that Shivraj Singh is certain to win a fourth term.

The survey predicted that the BJP will win 129 out of the 230 seats to form the government again. The Congress will win 85 seats, the survey said. It said the BJP will win 42.5 per cent votes, while the Congress will win 37.19 per cent. The BSP will win eight seats and others will win nine seats, said the survey. Among the CM candidates, Shivraj is the clear winner with 40.33 per cent votes.

While this survey is different from all other surveys that predicted doom for the BJP, it is sure to bring smiles on the faces of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

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