Nandamuri Suhasini To Join TRS?


Will Nandamuri Suhasini join TRS in the near future? Reports in circulation about the possibility of Harikrishna’s Daughter quitting Telugu Desam Party became a hot topic in political circles. The ploy behind fielding Suhasini in Kukatpally is to bag this seat at any cost. TDP, however, failed to accomplish the mission successfully.

In the recent press meet, KCR lambasted on TDP Leadership for using Nandamuri Suhasini like a pawn. He ridiculed Chandrababu Naidu for not offering a respectable post to Harikrishna’s Daughter after the defeat. KCR had even shown sympathy on Suhasini whom according to him is innocent.

If the media reports are true, TRS Leadership is considering Nandamuri Suhasini for the MLC Post. This will be a killer move by KCR to send a strong indication to the public that Andhrites will be part of Telangana Progress. If Suhasini accepts MLC seat, Soft Corner Andhrites have on TRS will grow multi-fold. It’s like two birds in one shot!

Suhasini’s entry into TRS would certainly damage the image of TDP Leadership. Is this the return gift of KCR to his AP Counterpart?

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