Narendra Modi to get PM-like security


narendra modiNew Delhi: Narendra Modi will now get special security cover that the Prime Minister and some other VVIPs get. This comes after the Union Home Ministry decided to give the Advance Security Liaison (ASL) facility to the Gujarat chief minister, who is running for PM.

Under the ASL, a detailed minute-to-minute security cover detail of Mr Modi’s visit will be prepared by the local police and the state where he is visiting. The procedure is followed for VIPs who receive Special Protection Group (SPG) cover. After the serial blasts ahead of his rally in Patna, Mr Modi too has been added to that list.

Gujarat’s Director General of Police Pramod Kumar had accused the Bihar Police of “indifference and laxity” and said that serial blasts that killed six people in Patna just before Narendra Modi’s rally on Sunday could have been averted if adequate security had been ensured.

Mr Kumar said in a statement on Wednesday that Bihar cops refused to sign the ASL report sent to them. He also said that his officers had been in touch with the Bihar Police for 20 days before Mr Modi’s rally, but the police in Patna, he alleged, had agreed only with much reluctance to hold a joint meeting on security with them.

On Sunday, as Narendra Modi landed in Patna, two Gujarat Police cops had met him on the tarmac and informed him of a blast at the Patna Railway station. They had reportedly advised Mr Modi, who is the BJP’s candidate for Prime Minister, not to continue to the venue of the rally. But Mr Modi insisted on carrying on as scheduled.

The BJP has blamed Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for “gross criminal negligence”, alleging that even basic security arrangements for Mr Modi’s rally were deliberately overlooked. Nitish Kumar has denied that there were security lapses on part of his administration.