Narendra Modi Starts Surveying Kerala Floods


Known as God’s own country, Kerala is the most beautiful place in India but the recent torrential rains have unleashed a havoc on the beautiful scenic locations.

The continuous rainfall near the catchment areas of River Idukki have resulted in severe floods in many areas and continuous landslides have resulted in more than 200 deaths according to official state Government stats.

Unofficially, several media sources are claiming the death toll to have reached 360 and the opposition is demanding for immediate deployment of Paramilitary and Army forces to save the people in low lying areas.

But the weather has grown worse to terrible for even National Disaster forces to work quick.

On Saturday morning, there is a slight change in the weather and the rains have subsided to an extent.

Kerala Government asked Central Government to release Rs. 1000 crores to rebuild and repair Kerala from the destruction.

The Government and local bodies have been responding efficiently still, the damage is too huge and the necessity of manpower and resources is said to be unprecedented.

Kerala has never seen such incessant rainfall and floods in past 100 years and hence, the panic in the Government is also huge.

At this hour, Modi decided to survey the situation in an helicopter and after his aerial survey comes to an end, he is expected to address the Nation and people of Kerala about the calamity.