No GST impact on Tirumala Laddu


venkanna-ladduAP Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu today said there won’t be any GST impact on Tirumala Srivari Laddu Prasadam. The impact will be only on rented rooms over Rs 500.

Speaking to the media here on Wednesday, Yanamala explained that the GST came into effect only after one-and-a-half decades of deliberations. It was not correct to say the implementation of GST was without proper plan, he said, adding there was a possibility of changes in the GST as per the prevailing conditions and keeping the problems of the people in view. He said investments would come in a big way with the one nation one tax policy.

He also pointed out that the Centre did not bring petrol, diesel and Excise Tax under the GST purview in order to maintain revenue neutrality. He said the Centre would bear the GST burden on the Polavaram project. He said they have not yet estimated the GST burden on the projects constructed by the AP State government.