No Political Ads On Facebook Before Elections


Election Commission of India asked Facebook to consider blocking Political Advertisements on it’s platform 48-hours before the election in the country.

A Committee constituted by EC held a meeting on June 4th this year. It’s then, A Facebook Representative accepted the request to provide a window or arrange a button on the Facebook page for receiving complaints regarding violation of Election Code of Conduct. Facebook agreed to increase the number of reviewers from existing 7,500 to examine the complaints from Users if the need arises during election period. However, The Social Networking Giant is yet to take a decision on blocking political ads two days before elections.

As per Section 126 of the Representation of the People, Displaying any content related to the election for a period of 48 hours before the hour fixed for the conclusion of polling is prohibited.

Facebook agreed to remove any content posted by Users if it’s a violation of norms. The removed contents will be displayed on FB’s transparency page.