No Reaction For Jaitley’s Questions From TDP


NEW DELHI: TDP Leaders kept saying Special Package is far better than Special Status until recently. But now, They are in no mood to talk about Special Package and badly needs Special Status to prove their commitment. TDP Government seeks Special Status on par with North-East States at present.

Whereas, YSR Congress Party remained firm on it’s stand right from the beginning. It didn’t deviate from Special Status at any moment in the best interest of the people.

When TDP delegation met Union Finance Minister to seek Special Status, The questions raised by Arun Jaitley made them speechless. ‘You People had told Package is enough, Special Status isn’t required. Then, Why are you twisting your words now? Why AP Government isn’t answering the questions raised by Finance Ministry regarding Special Package grants?,’ he questioned.

Jaitley opined Neighbouring States won’t agree if Tax Incentives are offered to AP. Parliament Standing Committee disapproved such a proposal.

TDP delegation has no clue how to react when Arun Jaitley kept raising questions one after the other. The Leaders who claim they would go to any extent for AP’s rights turned silent.