North Korea calls Nikki Haley Prostitute


north-korea-calls-nikki-haley-prostituteNorth Korea on Friday rebuked US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, for taking pot-shots at Pyongyang for recent nuclear tests and called her a “political prostitute, who has kicked off a hysteric fit”.

State-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said, “She (Nikki haley) is crazily swishing her skirt, playing the flagship role in Trump administration’s hideous sanctions and pressure racket”.

KCNA, which is also North Korea’s mouthpiece, said, “Haley became a laughing stock of the world public for her reckless tongue-lashing devoid of any elementary conception of reason”.

Stating that Haley is ignorant to foresee a disaster, KCNA said, “Haley is just a beginner in politics and diplomacy as she came under public criticism for her string of rubbish over the ballistic rocket launch of the DPRK in March last”.

Criticising her ‘North Korea is begging for war’ comment, the KCNA said, “US ambassador talked as if the DPRK were inviting a war while the US wanted peace”.

Earlier this week, during a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting, Haley strongly criticised Pyongyang’s sixth nuclear test and said, ‘the country is begging for war, despite United States not being in favour of it’.

In the emergency UNSC meeting, Haley had pressed for imposition of even stricter sanctions, in addition to the estimated $1bn in sanctions imposed on the country last month.

“Enough is enough,” Haley had said at the meeting. “We have taken an incremental approach, and despite the best of intentions, it has not worked.”

United States has been pushing for an oil embargo on North Korea, along with a ban on its exports of textiles and the hiring of North Korean workers.

United States President Donald Trump had sent a strong message to North Korea after the latter’s repetitive attempt of nuclear tests. He threatened a military solution to the conflict.

Meanwhile, US also indulged in military drills along with South Korea and deployed the USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear-powered carrier, in waters between Japan and the Korean peninsula.

North Korea, on Sunday, test-fired its sixth-nuclear hydrogen bomb, just days after test-flying a missile over the north of Japan. Experts believe that Pyongyang is on verge to develop a powerful nuclear weapon.

Media reports speculate that Pyongyang may conduct even larger nuclear test on September 9, which marks the country’s founding anniversary. It had conducted a nuclear test on the same date last year too.