Operation Garuda Aimed At South India: Sivaji Released Video On Operation Dravida Secrets


Hero Shivaji disclosed details about ‘Operation Dravida’ allegedly planned by BJP to get hold of power in the South India. He says ‘Operation Garuda’ is a part of ‘Operation Dravida’ and it’s meant for Andhra Pradesh. While ‘Operation Ravana’ is the mission planned for Tamil Nadu and Kerala, ‘Operation Kumar’ is for Karnataka.

Much to everyone’s shock, Shivaji revealed that a budget of Rs 4,800 crore was allocated for entire ‘Operation Dravida’ and major part of it has already been sanctioned. He, however, is unsure if the funds were dispatched to AP by now or not.

Shivaji alleged a well-established Political Party and a New Party would work to improve the prospects of BJP in AP as per ‘Operation Garuda’. He accused the Saffron Party of using the differences between regional parties to its advantage.

The Actor claims to have known about Operation Dravida in September 2017 itself. Without disclosing the names of parties and leaders involved in the mission, He left it to the imagination of people and media.