People Are Angry: Pawan Kalyan tells BJP


Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan opined people are very angry with BJP for dilly-dallying the Special Category Status. He made this comment while interacting with Employees of Visakha’s Dredging Corporation of India.

Pawan Kalyan opposed the privatisation of profitable Government organization such as Dredging Corporation of India. ‘When attempts were made for the closure of such Firms under the control of Central Government, Tamil Nadu Government took a firm stand against it. Why Governments in Telugu States weren’t able to do so? I have no clue what’s the policy stand of government even in the case of Special Status,’ he said.

An assurance was given that Jana Sena will make its stand clear on privitisation of Government Firms very soon. Pawan Kalyan will be visiting Visakhapatnam in October and November to conduct an in-depth study before taking a decision.

Looks like, PK’s equation with BJP changed after denial of Special Category Status. There mayn’t be an alliance between Jana Sena & BJP for 2019 if the recent comments made by Kalyan are any indication.