People vent frustration over no cash in ATMs


no-cash-atmsCity population is facing acute difficulty for liquid cash as majority of ATMs have been displaying no-cash boards. Almost all banks have closed the centres and some branches were arranging limited cash during night time which is insufficient for meeting the huge demand from people. In fact, a majority of bank branches of scheduled and private banks had recently started arranging cash in all ATM centres in city due to availability of cash.

There are 418 bank branches in the district with 443 ATM centres. The cash crunch at the ATMs is causing hardship to the people who are venting displeasure over the non-availability. “I came to the city to invite my relatives for a function to be held at the end of this month.

I visited many ATMs on Monday and failed to get even Rs 1,000,” said R Madhusudana Rao from Eluru. The same situation prevailed in many parts of the city and very few ATMs worked on Tuesday without sufficient cash. Some were in not-working condition and consequently no cash was available from ATMs from Vedayapalem to VRC Centre in a stretch of of 5-6 km.
“I engaged a taxi for getting cash and since morning been searching for ATMs which could have cash.

No machine is dispensing cash and I am vexed with the system failing to provide enough cash,” said Nitesh from Gujarat, who visited the city for a trade-related work. He said that he was not having even the required cash for paying the taxi bill. “The district administration is promoting digital transactions instead of making arrangements for minimum availability of liquid cash.

Bankers and officials have to realise the difficulties faced by the common man rather publicising the slogans of heads of governments,” said an angry K Srirama Murthy who failed to get money on Tuesday. Lead District Manager B Venkata Rao said there was no cash available in the bank branches and asked how the ATMs will be able to dispense cash. He said cash flow from the RBI has not been adequate.