Pervert Caught On Cam Molesting Women During Ganesh Festival In Hyderabad


A disturbing video has surfaced during the Vinayaka Chavithi procession here in the city, where a man tried to touch women including minors inappropriately. The SHE teams recorded the antics of a man in red shirt, who was unaware of the camera. The video shows the man navigating though the crowd and touching a minor girl brazenly and repeats the act for the second time presumptuously.

The man then walks little further and stands behind a women dressed in saree. He repeats his brazen act again and despite the woman pushing his hand away he stands next to her unfazed. The man was caught by the SHE teams, and he was among the 30 people, including minors who were arrested for harassing women during the celebrations.

ACP Swathi Lakra said, “We file cases when we have ample evidence. During festivals, some men believe they can get away with this kind of behavior. That is the reason why SHE teams captured these incidents on camera.” She added that in cases where women don’t come forward to file a complaint, they take a suo motu case.