Pilot dies during flight, What happened next?


American-Airlines--Flight-5An Airlines captain, whose name is not released, reportedly died at the controls, despite desperate efforts by the airline former nurse to recover him. The American Airlines- Flight 550 was four hours into a flight to Boston from Phoenix on Monday morning, when the pilot became immobilized.

After taking control of the plane, the co-pilot sent an alarmed radio message to emergency ground control seeking permission to land as an air stewardess fought to save his life. Passengers felt a sharp drop and some turbulence before the co-pilot announced the captain was ‘feeling unwell’. The cause of death is not released.

The moment the co-pilot radioed in the emergency can be heard in an audio recording. ‘Medical emergency, captain is incapacitated, request handling for runway 108’, can be heard on the clip.

According to passengers, the EMTs did not appear to rush on to the airplane. Airlines cannot legally assert somebody dead in the air. The airline spokesperson announced to focus on caring for pilot’s family.

‘The pilot died on our redeye back to Boston (leading to 4h in Syracuse). life is short. do what you love before it’s too late,’ wrote one of the passengers on the flight adding the crew handled the sad incident with professionalism.