PM Modi Government Has Done Nothing: BJP MP


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing a lot of criticism from the opposition parties in the recent times and he is also feeling the pressure as well. To add fuel to the fire, his own party Dalit MP made a serious allegation against him. The MP comments have not only causing damage to the party but they are giving strength to the criticism of opposition parties.

The MP who created this sensation is Yashwant Singh from Uttar Pradesh. He was elected as an MP from Nagina constituency. He said that he became an MP only because of the reservation. He said that Modi government has done nothing for the 30 crore Dalits in the last four years. He alleged that Dalits were completely ignored by the government. He also complained that his talent has not been utilised properly.. and he is able to enter the Parliament only because of reservations.

In his recent letter to Narendra Modi, he has mentioned several sensational issues. He requested that the Supreme Court ruling on SC, ST act should be taken back. It is known that Robertsgunj MLA Chhote Lal Kharwar recently shot a letter to Narendra Modi already and he also mentioned this aspect. He alleged that UP CM Yogi Adityanath pushed him out of his office when he tried to explain his problems to him. As Chhote Lal is a Dalit MP, the issue assumed significance and party leadership is already facing the heat.. now, Yashwant Singh added fuel to the fire. Political analysts are saying that these allegations will definitely harm the party.