Poisonous spider on prowl in Nallamala


spiderA poisonous spider belonging to Poecilotheria regalis popularly known as tarantula is active in Nallamala forest region and its population is on the rise posing a great threat to the lives of the armed policemen combing the forest area for Maoists.Eight years ago, a Greyhounds policeman died of spider bite.

However, the police department kept the news under wraps as it would demorailise the elite anti-Maoist force. When the Forest department personnel are contacted, they admitted that the spider population is high in Pechhervu, Srisailam, Neeliganga, Rushula Cheruvu and Gundla Brahmeswaram regions.

A scientist, Dr Tulasi Rao, observed that the poisonous spider is spreading from Pechhervu area. So far there is no cure for the spider bite as no drug was invented as an antidote to the spider bite.  The poisonous spider was first spotted by the Chenchus.