Police arrested 3 high profile women in Drunk and Drive


hyd-drunken-girlsWomen, who are trying to compete with men in all fields, are competing with men in drinking alcohol too.About three high profile women were caught by the police when driving their vehicles by consuming alcohol on the roads of the city of Hyderabad.

Banjara Hills Traffic police found the ladies driving their vehicles in completely drunken state last night. They were caught in the position by the police during the raids they conducted as part of their ‘Drunk and Drive’.

The police immediately arrested them and registered cases against them. With this, these high profile women used some harsh words against the police for the act done by the duty minded police. But, the police did not go back on the matter and registered cases so fast.

Later, officials warned the women that no one would be spared if they drive their vehicles in a drunken state. On Saturday, the police has also registered the cases against some men too in the city.