Poll surveys tampered for parties ?


exist-poll-surveysCome election year, channels and market research organisations come with various polls and surveys predicting the winners and how many seats each party score. The last six months many surveys cameout and while parties who are predicted to win praise the surveys, others allege favouritism and call for ban on such pre poll surveys.

In the mean while News Express TV channel came out with startling findings that media houses and market research companies are tampering surveys in favour of some parties. It claimed that in a sting operation conducted by them, more than 11 survey agencies said they will tamper poll findings in favour of a particular party if paid hefty amounts.  The Channel said they will handover their sting operation details to the Election Commission.

It said their reporters posed as party agents and met poll agents who expressed their desire to do favours to tamper findings for a particular party for money. The agencies agreed to raise the margin of error to 5% from normal 3% without raising any doubts.