President to visit Bhimavaram


president pranabHyderabad: The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee will be visiting the West Godavari district during his stay at Hyderabad. He will be visiting Bhimavaram, the native place of Congress party MP Kanumuri Bapiraju on December, 29.

The local MP thought of getting the school funded by TTD, inaugurated by the then president Pratibha Patil, last year. But, the building could not be completed by that time. So, on Decmeber 29, Pranab will be inaugurating the school, sources added. The arrangement for the president’s stay will be made at Kanumuri’s new residential house, according to sources.

Due to the visit of the first citizen of India to their hometown, the residents of Bhimavarm are very happy and eagerly waiting for the day. From the other side, the police have planning to beef up security in the area.