Prove students saw PM’s speech: HRD ministry asks schools to send pics, videos


s-sNew Delhi: Schools across the country have been asked to provide photo or video proof that students watched the national telecast of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s counselling session ‘Pariksha par Charcha’ on February 16.

According to a Times of India report Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry instructed all state governments to compile reports soon after the PM’s interaction with school students on Friday. Following this, the state governments asked schools of all boards to provide details of students who watched the speech as well as submit photographs or videos of their participation.

The report further said that the schools received circulars from their respective state education departments to submit the evidence by February 19.

Circulars issued by various district chief education officers also included a form which sought details of the total number of schools, enrolment figures, number of schools where students viewed or heard the telecast, number of students who viewed it through television or radio or web streaming on the websites of the PMO, MHRD, Doordarshan, and through internet channels.

However, the ministry has denied asking for any such report and said it was a ‘routine feedback’.

“The ministry has not asked for any report on participation of schools in the event. It was a routine feedback where no mandatory clause was given,” a senior HRD official said.

The official said that it has been a practice for states or autonomous bodies like KVS and CBSE to submit their feedback for events like the ‘Pariksha par Charcha’ and added that no evidence was sought.

However, chief education officers in Tamil Nadu said that they had received instructions from the HRD ministry to send out the forms to all schools in the state.

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s session with students preparing for exams, ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’ on February 16, schools have been asked to submit photo or video proof that students watched the national telecast of the PM’s counselling.